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Jamieson Brown

Jamieson Brown

Iowa City, IA


I am a Iowa City artist, born and raised in the great state of Iowa! My specialty is infrared landscapes. Originally I started doing this with Kodak HIE Infrared film but had to switch to a modified DSLR when the film was discontinued back in 2006. Recently I have been working on a hybrid process of scanning film then printing on a high end Epson Fine Art Printer. I can do prints up to 17x22. Its nice to have total control of your images from film to finished print. The prints have that nice tight photographic grain look and gives me the best of both worlds, analog and digital photography. I like my landscapes to have impact for the viewer. The color and halation I can achieve with my Infrared images can be quite striking. My photography has moved in many directions over the last 30 years. I went from 35mm film to medium format & large format film cameras, to medium format DSLR imaging. I build custom wood frames and do matting and mounting for those interested in the finishing touches.


Sleeping Bear Barns by Jamieson Brown


Fall Iowa River View by Jamieson Brown


City Park Pond by Jamieson Brown


Old International Truck by Jamieson Brown


Old Truck by Jamieson Brown


Old Capitol by Jamieson Brown


Fence Line by Jamieson Brown


Willow by Jamieson Brown


Sun Flower by Jamieson Brown


Clematis by Jamieson Brown


Sugar Bottom Barn #1 by Jamieson Brown


Old Boat in Dune Grass by Jamieson Brown


Dune Grass by Jamieson Brown


After Glow by Jamieson Brown


Rural Americana #2 by Jamieson Brown


Rural Americana by Jamieson Brown